• Year 1901

    S.P.S. Seeniwasagam Chetty (Pvt) Ltd

    Tastyy’s parent company “ S.P.S. Seeniwasagam Chetty (Pvt) Ltd ” has been in existence since 1901 in the import and processing of food items for the domestic market. The founder – Mr S.P.S. Seeniwasagam Chetty sailed to Sri Lanka from a remote hamlet in Tamil Nadu in 1886 as a young man to seek better fortunes.
  • Year 1911

    Our Journey

    In 1901, identifying the business opportunities in Colombo namely in Pettah, the founder established a small business which over the years became a thriving trading house in consumable oil and animal feed. In the year 1911, at the specific invitation of Mr. Seeniwasagam Chetty, a dynamic but inexperienced 13-year-old boy, by the name of Mr. S. Govindhan, nephew of Seeniwasagam Chetty [soon to play a big role in the future of Ms. S.P.S. Seeniwasagam Chetty] came to Sri Lanka to start his career as an Assistant at his uncle’s shop.
  • Year 1921

    Tastyy (Pvt) Ltd.

    In 1921, recognizing the entrepreneual talents of the young lad, the owner convinced his nephew to join him as a partner of Ms. S.P.S. Seeniwasagam Chetty, which the company immediately entered into the foray of manufacturing coconut oil for the local market. Over the years, the company pioneered the import and distribution of coconut oil into Sri Lanka and in 1992; the company launched its brand name “ Tastyy ” which was the first to launch the 20 litter jerry can for Edible Palm Oil.